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I make shirts...among other things

Updated: Jul 7

Everyone assumes I'm just a "T-shirt guy", turns out, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.

I mean, I DO make the tees

Obviously, when you visit my site, the first thing you'll see is tees, lots of them. That's pretty much ALL you'll see, since it is the core of what I've been doing professionally for the past 15 years or so.

There's all kinds of tee graphics...resort/destination (done those), licensed "pop culture" properties (did it), licensed pro sports (see home page), non-licensed phrase driven (yup, those too), vintage, modern, illustrative, all over prints, applique/embroidery etc etc...(did all that too) so saying that you are a tee shirt graphic designer can have different meanings depending on what you work on.

More than just "sports" tees

But...I also do some other things as well

Besides tee graphics, I've also designed hang-tags, neck labels and product stickers to entice purchase on the retail floor and also, to establish consistent branding.

Hangtags are not only informative, but also establish identity

Hey, you like the social media and such?....I've launched mutli-platform campaigns! Creating and online identity that compliments your in-store branding to the consumer, takes curating and focus to be sure you're hitting the target audience.

Brand-building is the stepping stone of any online and or social media presence

And...the custom logos, let's not forget them

From local businesses to non-profit organizations, to designing and improving the identity of some of the largest apparel brands in the business, designing a logo is a skill that every designer needs to possess.

Logos shown for Pryor Baseball Farm and LICAB

So, what am I rambling on about?

Man, is this a bore fest about ME, ME, ME! or do I have a point? Well, the point is, yes, I'm a graphic designer in the apparel industry. But I'm also a Creative Director, a Visual Marketing Pro, a Digital Media Guru, a Branding and Identity guy and overall, more than just tees.

While my main site profiles what I'm currently doing at Fanatics when I'm not managing my team and chasing down deadlines, this space will be used to showcase past and current projects that focus on my career, beyond the short sleeve tee and hoodie.

Hope to see you around, feel free to drop me a line.



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